17 April 2005

Its that time of year

Well, I know I haven't dedicated myself to this blog lately, but frankly, it's been a little difficult. I know people will think that I'm fishing around for compliments, but i get very little feedback from this site, and it makes me wonder if more than about 2 people are even reading it.
Also, i've been chasing my tail a lot with uni and stuff. I've had a lot of lectures, and none of my work is being helped by my being blocked from entering the library, or even getting my uni emails or lecture notes. I mean for God's sake, I paid that bill at the beginning of the week, and I won't be able to do any of the above until next Thursday. It's all a little bit extreme, especially as I have exams in 3 weeks(!). There's no wonder people fail degrees, and suffer from just a little bit of stress, I mean, Jeez. What's the use of having a library full of books and journals, if I can't get into the building to read the bloody things!
I don't think I could be any more stressed at the moment, and if I stop doing work I think i'll drop. All I've been doing is chasing my tail like a rabid dog. I honestly don't know how much longer of this I can take, only to face the rejection of, yet again, not gaining the right marks to get into med school. My ego is still feeling frail from 3 years ago, and I still don't know what I'll do if it happens again. I'm kind of limited this time around. I don't know.
And society wonders why students are stroppy, moody and generally rude. This is why we get a bad reputation, and why we're all spotty - we don't get enough sunlight when sitting in the library.
To add to all my fun and games with uni lately, I've been having some company in bed. I seem to have a small colony of ants somewhere in my flat, particularly around my bed. I keep waking up and finding them crawling across the duvet. They sure do have a death wish.
Anyway, it's 2AM and i've just finished working for the night, so before my back dies on me completely, I'm going to try and turn my brain off and get some sleep, if possible.
Nighty night


Manda said...

Hey, as a fellow Uni student in Aussie... I HERE YA!
I'm so swamped in uni work at the moment and its driving me crazy!!!
I can't wait to feel as though I know a little bit more rather than just the pressure of HAVING to know a bit more.
Papers to write, presentations to give aarrrggghhh... Its taking me so long to get my bloody degree... ok I'll stop ranting now... chin up and keep your head down and bum up. (Hopefully by telling you to do that, then I'll motivate myself to study as well :)

Anonymous said...

sounds like you need a new bed my dear... ants are inclined to set up camp in dusty, older beds - and i am by no means having a stab at your personal hygiene, its just that people often oversee the longevity of mattresses. I highly recommend one of the new memory foam mattresses currently flooding the market. I bought one recently - You can pick one up for a reasonable price and you will instantly notice an improvement when sleeping... Oh and a good nights sleep will help relieve the stress brought on by uni - Happy Days!