19 July 2010

Plodding through the puke

The Liverpool phase of my elective is so far going swimmingly. A&E seems to appeal to my incredibly short attention span and love of things always being different. I've only gotten bored when there've been no patients - and that's quite a rare occurrence.

I worked nights last week and this week I have twilights. The variability is suiting me as I can happily sleep through the daytime, and the mood of the department and its clientele changes with the setting sun.

And while I've been to Liverpool before, I have only visited, never lived. The city has changed a lot since then, but it's very vibrant and multicultural. It also seems to appeal to my love of having everything easily accessible. It even has an underground, although I haven't used it so far.

All is good, in case you haven't guessed.

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