07 July 2010

Goodbye London, Hello Liverpool

Covent GardenSo it was with a heavy heart that I packed up my belongings (minus one red belt, left with Laura accidentally) and left London. I headed home for a day and then made the epic trip to Liverpool.
BlimeyI've been here for three days now and was well and truly thrown into the deep end of A&E. I've had equal measures of clinical skills success and failure. Cannulae are not going well but I've managed to put in my first male catheter.
So far it's an amazing city and the department is very friendly and excellent for educational opportunities. It's fair to say that I love both the place and the workload.
The nurses are amazing, the consultants are great and I've not met a bad person yet! It's going to be an enjoyable month (fingers crossed!)

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The Shrink said...

Glad it's working out well.

Oooh, I recognise that view along Hope Street - there's a very decent well priced Mexican restaurant on the right, just before the Everyman theatre, there :)

And what a curious pic for you to post. Liverpool where ladies of negotiable virtue used to frequent, ironically at the area you illustrate, of Hope Street and Mount Pleasant.