03 July 2010

Packing: part two

Elective prepSo with any luck I won't forget anything, but at the moment I'm trying to 'streamline' my cases to head off for the second part of my elective. I'm actually clinical this time so I'm taking books with me so I don't get caught out on any gaping areas of knowledge.
I think these should cover it...
You may also notice that some of the layout of the blog is changing. I'm trying to streamline that too. If you're reading by RSS then hop over and take a look, for old time's sake.
There is a handy 'contact me' page now on  the top right bar, and a '100 things' which is stuck at 15 until I can update it.
Adverts are down for the moment until someone gets back to me with a new offer, else they're staying off. 
There may be some big changes ahead, who knows.
Until then, wish me luck.

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