14 July 2010

Being in Yorkshire

imageOn Saturday morning I went home on the train.Turns out that hopping across the pennines isn't too challenging.A couple of days with my parents should keep family harmony, plus I might have got to an age where I appreciate them now.
The garden and orchard are in full bloom, and every tree seems to be trying to take over. I do miss having a good source of fresh fruit and vegetables, even if I do have to pick them myself. Supermarket or market stall just isn't quite the same...
This is a moth that my father has collected in the orchard. The photo came out amazingly well given that it was taken on my BlackBerry. He's very keen on his wildlife stuff (which hasn't particularly rubbed off on me) and after he's looked at them he puts them in a hedgerow.
I do miss things like that. City life can't beat that one.

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