05 June 2010

So, erm... elective packing....

Is not going so well. In fact I've gotten about this far. Yes, I've managed to pack my piercing jewellery into the world's smallest Really Useful Box. In fact it's the 0.07L one for anyone who can work out the sizing of that. And naturally, it's exceptionally bright pink.

Then I started sorting out all of my jewellery into a slightly more spacious Really Useful Box (0.7L) until I  realised that I don't have enough room to take everything with me. Either that, or I will forget to wear it for the elective.

Then there was the make-up. Again, pink bag (sensing a theme yet?). So yeah, at the moment I have no clothes, but I will be the best adorned and made up medical student in London.

So I need to stop procrastinating and at least pack the hair straighteners and hair dryer...

And I best get back on with it.

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Bippidee said...

It is so good to see someone getting their priorities straight ;)