18 June 2010


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So it's the weekend. The football is on tonight (allegedly) and I'm not going back home this weekend. This means I can explore. At least for a part of Saturday anyway.

On Sunday my other half is heading down to visit and I was thinking of taking him to West End Live. Does anyone else have any suggestions of free, fun things to do in London that aren't necessarily weather dependent?

Other than that, it might be time to explore Whitechapel a bit further...

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Bippidee said...

Ahhh, West End Live is great! Most of the London museums are free entry if you want to do anything like that. Then obviously there are always buskers/musicians/acrobats etc in Covent Garden that you can watch. I like sitting in the National Theatre and people watching, but I can see that might not be to everyone's taste! They usually have free music on there in the Foyer too - check the times etc on the website. Cheap but not free - several of the London theatres do backstage tours, which are really interesting if you are into that kind of thing. The Royal Opera House does a fantastic one, and the Theatre Royal Drury Lane has a very entertaining one. The National have one too, but I've not done that. Most of my ideas are pretty arts/theatre related since that is what I am into, sorry about that!