06 June 2010

The adventures of the fuzzy haired medical student

AKA My hair straighteners are packed and my hair has gone back to nature.

For anyone who follows me on Twitter I was debating last night how many pairs of shoes I could justifiably take with me for a month in London (because I will be detouring home again for a suitcase swap before the second month of elective). So far the shoe count stands at:

Gladiator sandals

Pink plimsolls

Red patent block heels

Black flared heel Hush Puppies

Black Birkenstocks

Tan leather courts

Pale pink ballet pumps

Grey and rainbow Babysham trainers

…and potentially a pair of killer heels in case anyone feels like inviting me out anywhere. Well, you never know….


There are a couple of certainties in all of this; I have a horrific shoe obsession and am in fact a shoe whore, Laura might not be happy at my shoe collection (as I am staying with her in London), and I'm going to have VERY sore feet after a month of mainly heels…..

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