15 June 2010

Clattering in heels

So far I'm loving London, although my initial adoration of the tube is rapidly fading. This week I failed to realise that the tubes were undergoing engineering works on the weekend evening so I had my first experience of a London double decker red bus. Not quite as fun as I had hoped. Then there were problems on the pink tube that I get every morning and I had to take a green and a yellow (see, I kinda know what I mean).

I have realised that I'm too polite for the underground stations as I keep being knocked over all the time.

If anyone fancies a pint or a coffee (or a pint of coffee) then drop me an email at bloodystudents@hotmail.co.uk and we can work something out, I'm sure.

This week and next week has some excitement in store, but I will blog about it in due time.

I just need to start wearing flat shoes. I can already feel my achilles tendons shortening after only 10 days!

So far though, elective = win!


Bippidee said...

You have to shove on tubes, especially in rush hour, or you just don't get on the train. Or you can do what I do, which is kind of sidle past people waiting on the platform in the least noticeable way possible and then hop on the train before anyone else gets a chance to (although after waiting for the people getting off to get off always). x

Bippidee said...

Oh, and you need to wear trainers or pumps for travelling, and take the heels in a bag to put on just before you walk into work. That is what people do to avoid sore feet.

靖綠 said...
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