07 June 2010

Day 1

It’s been a really long but really interesting day today. I feel like my senses have been well and truly overloaded by not just the elective, but by my surroundings too.
Whitechapel is the most amazing place I have ever stayed. The colours, the smells and the sights just astound me.
The tube this morning was even enlightening; I armpit-surfed all the way to King’s Cross before getting into the fresh air.
The BMJ was a lovely walk down Euston Road and into an enormous building which is just a labyrinth in disguise. I’m positive that tomorrow morning I will have to be found somewhere wandering randomly looking for where I’m meant to be.
I even let myself be attacked by an elderly Indian lady tonight on the way home; I forgot to get my eyebrows waxed before heading down here and happened to pass a salon that was open and did waxing and threading. When in Rome… some cotton later and some watery eyes and I’d been groomed rather well. I was a tad concerned that she would leave me with a permanently angry expression, but I’m quite impressed for £3!

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