13 February 2008


As you can probably see from the ticker above, my weight loss is going incredibly well.

I lost 3lbs this last week, although I suspect that that may in part be related to spending another day asleep in bed today, rather than attending a placement day.

I honestly have spent most of the last two days asleep, and feeling generally quite rough, although I suspect it may be psychological rather than physical illness.

I will admit now to having a binge tonight on McCoys crisps, wine and Jack Daniels.

I got some bad academic news today relating to a piece of coursework I did in January.

I really worked my arse off for it, putting in more effort than I have for any other piece of work so far at uni, yet I failed it. So as well as the stress of having a resubmission, my university will charge me an extortionate amount of money for the privilege of doing so. Marvellous, just marvellous. More money that I don't have.


Prof Scrub said...

Dear Weight Loser,

Congratulations. Keep up the good work. I shall look forward to the before and after pictures.

Prof Scrub

Anonymous said...

Merys, don't beat yourself up... life is hard enough without doing that... failing one piece of work is just that, a single instance not a big deal and something you can redo given time and money but not impossible.

Congrats on the weight loss.


Anonymous said...

Wee hee on the weight loss! Keep it up, I'm about 3 lbs behind you now! On the coursework - I had a bit I really couldn't do once (not medicine, just a BSc.) I found it made sense after a bottle of wine! I had to correct the spelling in the morning, but I got a good grade :)

Anonymous said...

They charge you to resubmit? what?! m
is this in the UK? How much are they charging you for this priviledge (or will revealing this undermine your anonyminity, can't spell) Like they aren't getting enough government money already.. don't they give something like 250 K per med student? surely they can afford to mark a few essays twice?!
good luck with it