11 February 2008

Mind over Matter

Today I was meant to be on placement. I woke up and knew it wasn't going to happen.
My head hurts, my shoulders, neck and back all hurt and I feel as though I could sleep for a thousand days.

I don't want to get out of bed tomorrow, and having spoken to the medical school have decided to do just that.

I'm just getting a tad confused. I think I'm overdoing it, but with a still extensive financial burden hanging over my head I need to work at the moment more than I need to do a placement day.

I do generally love placement days, but these ones have been both rough and useless.

A full day of lectures in a hospital hardly a clinical placement makes.

It might also be time to go and have a discussion with my GP again about dosages of fluoxetine...

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Sweet Camden Lass said...

Hope you feel better soon.