20 February 2008

Medical Truths

Quote from my lecturer yesterday:

"The hardest thing to do in any OSCE is make sure you have the right amount of alcohol gel on your hands. Too much and you're forever wiping it off."

Strange but true


The Little Medic said...

very true indeed.
Stupid alcohol gel!

Nurse Sandra May said...

During my 5 minute OSCE, I spent one whole minute trying to get my glvoes and apron on but failing due to alcohol gel mis-application.


Anonymous said...

12lbs! cool :)

Anonymous said...

So freaking true it's depressing.

They make it harder for us by specially ordering in some cheap, very watery 'gel' with the crap nozzle dispensers so you end up with loads of alcohol gel all over your arms, clothes, patient, and the examiners tie and mark sheet. Niiiice.

True story *blush*