06 February 2008

Bon Blogiversaire

While happily chatting away on MSN to a good blogging friend, I just realised that today marks my third blogiversary.

We we discussing how much my blog has helped me over the last few years, particularly in the last 12 months.

Quite simply, without this blog I would no longer be a medical student.

It's also helped me to pass an exam last year, as I was required to write a reflective piece based on personal feelings since starting medical school. I found that easier because I keep a diary of events.

I also love the support I get from people here. It's kind of like therapy, in a perverse way. While I wouldn't necessarily go out and seek the kind of support I receive here, it's nice in the way it's offered here in the comments.

I've made friends and met people that I would otherwise have had no chance to interact with.

In all, blogging is an amazing experience that I would honestly say I'm a better person for.
I'm nothing special, just a normal 24 year old who chooses to air her thoughts in a slightly more public environment than a locked book in a drawer.

So, as well as celebrating another weight loss this week, I may well be celebrating something more personal tonight.

Here's to blogging, and see you all in another 12 months I hope!


The Shrink said...

Glad to hear all's good :-)

Sweet Camden Lass said...

Happy Blogversary!

Anonymous said...

Happy Blog Anniversary:) Looking forward to reading more posts in the future! :)

The Little Medic said...

Hurray - Happy blog anniversary.
Good luck for the next 12 months of blogging.

Unknown said...

I'm hoping blogging will help me see medical school in a more positive light..
For years it was all I wanted, I worked so hard to get in, only to find things I had never properly experienced before, depression and loneliness waiting on the other side!
Looking foward to reading more of your blogging entries!