16 December 2007

Workplace injuries

As you may have guessed by the presence of 2 posts in 24 hours, I am actually on a night shift on a stroke ward.

Not my favourite ward, but usually pretty safe to work on.

Except for the two injuries I've sustained tonight*
The first was caused by a tres confused lady who won't hold your hand but will cat scratch the living daylights out of your arms. Cue one 6cm minor scratch to my right forearm. Fair play, I'll keep my distance the next time.

Sadly, the next patient wasn't quite so sweet. Very very very very very confused gentleman who takes 4 staff to change and turn him. I have NEVER met a patient post stroke who is that strong! While I was trying to talk soothingly to him and hold his hand, he was trying to punch me in the face.

All of a sudden I felt the most sharp, searing pain which caused me to shout in alarm.
Man, that patient needs his fingernails trimming. Thankfully, the only thing wounded was my finger, which now has a sweet little lined bruise across the fleshy pad, and thankfully he didn't draw blood. Considering he was a 'gold digger'** I'm quite glad I had gloves on.

*aside from a bruised bottom caused by a patient nipping it
**unflattering nursing term for a patient who digs their fingers in their poo.

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