11 December 2007

The morning after

I felt rather sorry for our lecturer this morning.
You see we had a whole year group lecture this morning on some biological principle or other.
Only 36 people were there at the start, with a few more staggering in within the first 20 minutes. The sensible souls had obviously decided to sack it off. I personally think the medical school were daft putting on a principle lecture the morning after exams, and just before christmas.
I certainly was there only in body, because due to being knackered I don't think I could even tell you what the subject was without looking at my timetable. It was clear from looking around that most people were in the same state.... (most looked worse than I did).

Surprisingly I didn't get drunk last night. I got bored quickly and was home by around 1am, pretty much sober, just shattered.

And why, for the love of all things holy, did I seem to spend more of the night chatting in the ladies loos than out dancing or drinking?? Maybe that's why I came home sober though...


Calavers said...

Never mind, we'll make up those lost drinks when we meet in London next week!

(I need to email you soon...!)

Much love,


PS: I, too, feel sorry for the lecturer... :( I hope that someone explained to him why there was such a poor turnout...

Anonymous said...

Nice to see that you can AFFORD to go out and get drunk like that!!

Merys said...

anonymous: if you read the post more carefully, I said that I didn't get drunk.
Besides, I'm a tad past the age of being as drunk as humanly possible and throwing up...