05 April 2007

The working life

I hate to say it, but I really enjoy being back at my leisure centre. I've been on my game every shift I've been in and really enjoyed being the boss again and controlling everything. I see it as a challenge to make sure everything goes without a hitch and that everyone gets their break when they should etc.
Sadly, I'm not every employees favourite boss. Since I got back one member of staff has been fired as a result of a run in with me (I caught him smoking in a prohibited area and he'd been warned many times before) and one got sent home early today because I caught him doing something he shouldn't have been.
I guess I'm just a bit of a jobsworth when it comes to work, but I'd like to hang onto that job.

And like TP, my workplace is full of gossip too, and I hate to think what my current nickname is.

Ironically, I could quite happily quit now and stay here without heading back to uni. Although obviously I won't.

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MB said...

I'm looking for a job thats not relevant to my course too, its a good way of letting off a bit of steam. And so what if people aren't your biggest fan, its their fault for breaking the rules and expecting no consequences.