20 April 2007

On Being a Proper Student

Being the lazy arse student I am, I have just had a takeaway pizza/burgers with my housemates.

What better way to feed myself on a Friday night before heading off to bed for a long day and an early start tomorrow morning.

Plus, I now have 2 slices of garlic bread pizza for breakfast.

Which is of course, the only acceptable way to live as a student.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

no no no, cold kebab is true student living!


Anonymous said...

Uh Merys, why is this post labelled dieting?

Anonymous said...

Garlic bread pizza, far and away the best thing about working night racing!! I'm so jealous!!

The Angry Medic said...

Absolutely nothing wrong with burger- and kebab-ing. ESPECIALLY if it's with friends in the middle of the night. Bonus marks if it's whilst watching Doctor Who. (Not that I do that or anything, you know.)