22 July 2006

Oh the times, they are a-changing

Since I'm packing up my room and saying my final good-byes to friends and colleagues, I've entered a period of reflection on my last 4 years as a student.

I shook hands with my (ex) bar manager, and cried while leaving the building, I've found presents never used or opened properly from ex-boyfriends, and photographs of friends long forgotten. It's a good and bad time equally.

I've realised just how much junk I've accumulated in the last 4 years, and how much technology has changed while I've been here. For example, I've just found a random assortment of floppy disks; I haven't used a floppy disk in the last 2 years at least, and haven't used a CDRW since gaining a memory stick for my birthday last year!

When I started university, no-one had a colour screen on their mobile phone, let alone a camera. None of my friends had a digital camera and we used to race to get films developed after a night on the tiles. I still used to listen to and buy audio CD albums. I haven't bought a CD since my 21st birthday, when I discovered the joy of the iTunes music store. Needless to say, my CD player is standing dormant in a corner of the room, unsure of whether to take home or not....

It's sad to be packing up, but satisfying at the same time. I know my parents aren't going to be pleased when they see just how many boxes we have to take home, but I can't throw most of the stuff out, so I just just have to be an ostrich and bury my head in the sand until the shouting subsides!

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