11 July 2006

Lessons I have learnt the hard way

# I should always wash my hands before putting my contact lenses in - especially if the last thing I did (and had forgotten about) was slice shallots.

# Concealer stick hurts a lot if you get it into your eyes (same one as the contact lens problem - sadly)

# Dark sunglasses are usually suitable attire when the above 2 points have happened - even if they aren't prescription. No-one wants to see your 28 Days Later impression.

# Vicks vapourub also hurts when inadvertantly applied to the eyes (minus contact lenses thankfully)

The conclusions drawn - I need to wash my hands better and stop poking myself in the eye.


thinblueline said...

Also when taking them out...
Chilli powder in the eye does make it cry.

Sarah said...

The worst thing I ever did to my eyes was rub them shortly after applying mosiguard.

Never made that mistake again.

Universal Soldier said...

I had an 'interesting' experience involving the Mrs once. One of us had been chopping raw chillis. I'll leave it at that.