04 July 2006


The only really appropriate title.
Don't you just hate it when you wake up and can't get back to sleep? Big Brother finished (and yes, I am now officially hooked) and I was exhausted, so I dived into bed and was asleep in no time. 00.58 arrived and I woke up, far too hot and far too awake, so here I am.

A similar thing happened last night, and it's just a pain. After going to bed on Sunday night I finally fell asleep at 05.45 on Monday morning. My sleep patterns were just starting to get back to normal as well, after the hell that was my thesis.

Never mind, thesis is now in and being bound, and it's just the viva and the unknown result to go.

So I shall go and be a good blogger and prepare some advanced posts since I'm wide awake.

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