26 July 2006

I think the secret's out

So, I've returned to my summer job at the leisure centre, as manager of entertainments and leisure (bar, restaurant and childrens entertainment). Yesterday I had the joy of getting covered in chocolate cake while trying to keep candles lit and enthuse 'Happy Birthday to you' upon 12 little monsters.

My day consisted of fixing a blocked toilet, breaking and then fixing the office computer, taking bookings for childrens parties, locating the parents of lost children, balloon modelling and face painting. I've also balanced tills (with limited levels of success), and been asked to feel a lump on a member of staff. Apparently the secret's out - one of the staff thinks I know what I'm doing, and despite my protestations she wanted me to look at a lump on her shoulder. I sent her in the direction of qualified medical help!

Other than working and sleeping, I've done very little else. I've been beaten into dieting again, and am aiming to lose a stone before starting medical school.

Tomorrow night I have the joy of chav-watch at work, and the school holidays seem to make the leisure centre one of the most popular places to drink illegally acquired alcohol. It also makes more work for me, and humour for the staff watching me boot them out of the building, and then subsequently the car-park!

I love my job


Carmelo said...

Isn't working with the combination of food, children and money fun?
Trust me, been there, doing that until the 21st of August, and will never work in any sort of retail or catering environment ever again.

Anonymous said...

I went to the opticians who asked me to look at his back - like you i'm not starting my course until september, and sent him packing towards someone who might know a tad bit more than me!