19 December 2005

The land of wellies and dial-up

Well, I'm back in deepest darkest Yorkshire, where wellington boots and wax jackets are commonplace, and christmas is cold.

I'm back on the dial-up connection, so posting will be sparse for the time being.

I've just finished an amazing two days of observing with the ambulance service again. Unfortunately I forgot to take the big box of chocolates with me on the second day, so I'm going to have to make a detour that way again. I was advised to try and get some more work experience with the local station before my interview in February, and to make a note of any calls I went as an observer to. I really want to go and observe on a night time, but apparently this is forbidden. It won't stop me from nagging repeatedly though. I will blog proplerly about the work experience when I get back to the land of high speed broadband, shops and a social life. For the time being, you will just have to deal with me blogging about cold weather, cars that won't start (I have finally got a new battery!!), and the joys of working at chav central's best leisure centre.

For now, keep warm and keep well,



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Merry Xmas! and happy New Year.. Have a good one.