10 December 2005

Has anyone seen my common sense??

I think I've lost the plot.

I went shopping today with the intention of getting gifts, but instead I came back with these. Now I have nothing against ladies wearing shorts, but I don't have a stomach like that, nor the thighs to be honest. I don' t know what I was thinking.

I am going to wear them out tonight, because I have nothing better to wear. I'm going to a very hot night club and the ventilation will come in useful, as well as not having to worry about people trying to get their hands up my skirt. Always a benefit.


PS. If anyone knows where my marbles have gone, please return them to me ASAP


MuppetLord said...

Hmm. Haven't seen your marbles here.

The Door Steward said...

Quite a few female patrons come to the club wearing these shorts. Its not what you buy, its how you wear it that counts. I'm going to stop sounding like a woman and say I'll have a look for your marbles when I get a second ;o) x

Anonymous said...

I put them back in the solitaire box..