30 July 2008

*Takes a Bow*

I think I might be 38% a doctor.

I say this because I knew I had a resit of a piece of coursework to do from the beginning of the year.

However I passed last week's exams and everything else throughout the year.

Which means finances and resit allowing, I shall be starting the third year of medical school in September.

I thank you!


Dr Michael Anderson said...

Well done! Fantastic stuff - here's to the next level..

Jo said...

congratulations! :D

Loui said...

Wahoo! *passes over a pint* congrats Merys!

Dragonfly said...


Sage said...

congratulations, you have put the effort in and have been rewarded... the saga will continue :-)


Calavera said...

Congrats, Merys! :)