16 July 2008

Being a bad patient

Despite just having had a mahusive OSCE, and practicing some clinical skills to death, it's pretty hard to examine your own knee.

I'd finished the exam and gone straight to work at the outwood bound centre.

Some time between the OSCE and getting out of the shower and I've done something rather painful to my right knee.

No housemate to be seen to examine it for me, doesn't look too swollen but hurts like hell.

I decided it was probably wise to head up to the walk in centre, and as a result I am now groin to ankle in tubigrip with a badly swollen knee that 'might need to be aspirated'.

Or perhaps I can just manage on antiinflammatories for a day or two and hope for the best.

For the time being, I'm banned from cycling, strenuous exercise and putting too much weight on it.

The nurse even advised I try and find some crutches. Hmm, not likely.


Loui said...

ooooh ouch! That seems sooo sore!

alhi said...

I have to have various joints aspirated on a reasonably regular basis (knees and ankles, have had my wrist injected but apparently it's too small a joint to aspirate). Anyway, aspiration = instantaneous effects, you can see the joint deflate in front of your eyes. I've always had to have virtual bed rest for a couple of days after it as well as stay in the house for a week after that.