28 July 2008

Less fear more dread

So the exams are over and done with.

Results are out later in the week, although no-one seems entirely sure of the date.

The problem now is nightmares.

Not just normal bad dreams, but medical school and exam related. And strange.

For example, the most recent one had me failing my OSCE because I couldn't manage to eskimo roll in a kayak. Also, when I was scaring off the brown bears that were trying to eat him, I forgot that I had to throw a silver saucepan in the water instead of a steel one.

I've always had quite vivid dreams, but this just takes the biscuit.

Add to all of this the fact that I'm moving house before Thursday, and you get a strangely stressed Merys.

Oh, and next week I go on holiday. Not a paid holiday, but a voluntary one, where I am doing something very very noble.

I will probably come back more exhausted than I went!

Wish me luck (and less sleepless nights!)

1 comment:

The Manchester Medic said...

I also have bizarre OSCE dreams. I had one earlier this week, in which I was locked out of the exam room after being sent to get the examiner a cup of tea. This was particularly weird as I am not taking another OSCE for months.

I swear those exams do bad things to your health.