09 January 2006


I thought that these incredibly blurry photos would illustrate a point.
a) I can barely snowboard and, b) my dad can barely use a camera!
The good thing about them though - you can't tell who I am because they're blurry and I'm wearing a helmet!


Anonymous said...

i like your blog a lot!
do u really wear a helmet? doesnt help much, lol:) i like skating, cuz its not that cold for all that long time, people go for skiing, and all this snowy sports:)

Merys said...

yes you have to wear a helmet when you're on a lesson. At the moment, it's a sensible idea for me to wear one because I keep managing to smack the back of my head with the snowboard when I fall over forwards!

Anonymous said...

oy... that must hurt... see, thats one more reason for me not to try it:) i`d get too fast there. at least when skating, i dont have enough long distance to get too fast:)
anyways am a med student from hungary, and hope u`ll be in medicine soon:)