18 January 2006


I managed to get some more observing recently, and am due to do yet more - but something made me smile the last time.

I managed to get some observing on the FRU (fast response unit), and we got a call to a possible stroke. We pulled up outside the house and I hopped out of the car, donning my lovely orange observer's jacket as I went.

The patient's daughter came out to greet us, and she turned straight to me and said: "Ooh are you the lovely lady I spoke to on the phone - you sounded so posh and nicely spoken. Thank you for coming!" The paramedic and I looked at each other and laughed. Not least because I don't speak posh due to my strong accent!

It was sweet nevertheless. I don't think she realised that control is in a different place and has a different role, nevermind getting from control to the patient in 2 minutes (good eh??) would need a tardis and not an ambulance!

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Anonymous said...

The magic of Scotty. 2 MINS?? Blimey. Sounds like thereare no waiting times in your area...come down souf... you can wait for hours before you get help ;)