23 January 2006

15 minute mile

Yup, that's how long on average it takes me to cover a mile 'jogging'. More accurately it takes me 45 minutes and 24 seconds to cover 3 miles. I really think I need to speed up a bit more - although I have taken to going out in the dark to hide my shame (not to mention my pasty white legs in shorts. Who needs reflective clothing when you can blind motorists with your skin alone!)

On the good side, ready for my paramedic interview I've started dropping the pounds. The scales reckon I've lost around 7lbs in 10 days, although I think they may be lying slightly!

If they aren't lying, then excellent. All I need is a good case of diarrhoea and vomitting a week before my interview and I will yet be a size 8!


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