08 January 2006

Baby, it's cold outside.

I've just gotten back to my flat at uni to discover that the central heating hasn't come on, so it's sodding freezing here at the moment. My lectures start again with a vengeance, and I've only just found the stupid timetable that they gave us before Christmas, so I actually know where I'm going in the morning. It would appear that I have a medical statistics lecture - so that'll be something that I won't understand. In fact, it would be fair to say that I'll go in knowing nowt and come out knowing less.
It's been an interesting 3 week holiday. I have no exams to return to because I did coursework before Christmas - so I've had the *luxury* of working over the holidays and trying to earn some money. I've rewarded my hard work of chav hating by buying a new mobile phone to replace the old camera phone I had. When I'm at home I work as a leisure centre / social club manager, and I focus more on the social club side - so I manage the bar, cafe, parties, children's play area etc.
My Christmas work has mainly been chasing teenage girls out of the ladies toilets and threatening them with the police. The girls were of the Catherine Tate variety, and after they had squared up to me, I had to stop and laugh with the rest of the staff. I feel so old compared to them, and I was never that bad when I was a teenager. Then again, I didn't live in a tracksuit with a Burberry baseball cap on either, so I guess that would explain it.

I was lucky to receive a late Christmas present of some snowboarding lessons this year too, so I spent more time on the slopes at Xscape. Actually, that's a lie......I spent a lot of time on my arse, my knees, my back, and on one embarrassing attempt at snowboarding - on my nose. I did enjoy it though, even though my parents thought it was the funniest thing they'd ever seen! The worrying thing is, I've got to re-do my level 4 boarding lesson, but after that I'm deemed to be of recreational standard and my lessons are finished. Scared, me? Never.....

I will post some snowboarding pictures when I upload them on this machine. I actually have some of me standing up and moving downhill too!!

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