30 October 2005


Well, it's hallowe'en tomorrow, and it's been a really bizarre weekend. I've done very little work due to using MSN far too much, and been really domesticated and done all the ironing, vaccuumed the flat and cleaned the oven.
The diet isn't going terribly well, and i've been feeling a bit ill while taking my medications (that could be due to the amount of alcohol i've consumed in the last 3 days being more than I usually consume in a fortnight).
I've had my confirmation letters from 2 of my universities, telling me that they have received my applications and will react to them in due time. One of these letters is from my current university. Since they told me to never re-apply to them again, and I have, I aren't confident of receiving an interview. In fact - I don't actually care. As far as I'm concerned, the medical school here can just waste it's own time by looking over my application carefully, and then deciding to reject me. I probably wouldn't accept the place anyway, unless I was really desperate, or they made me an unconditional offer. Either of which is incredibly unlikely.
What worries me more are the paramedic science/practice degrees I have applied for. They all have a physical aspect of the interview, and at the present moment (with all the physio etc) I really aren't sure that I would pass.
I still aren't sure where my heart lies. I would honestly love to be a paramedic, but considering the amount of student debt I currently have, I'm not sure I could afford to be. I should have done the paramedic science degree instead of my BioMed one at the start when I was 18. At the moment I have around £14 000 of debt, and will gain another approx £15 000 from doing another 3 year degree after the introduction of top-up fees.
Hopefully, I will hear from my other universities soon, and with any luck the interviews will start rolling in. I may even end up in the dreaded southern resort of London for one of my interviews - I mind find myself scared of the locals though!

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