05 October 2005


I am turning into such a misery guts lately. All I seem to do is eat, sleep, study, attend lectures / labs and work. Hence why blogging is so infrequent. I've even turned down the opportunity to go out on the lash tonight. I guess it's cos my birthday is less than 3 weeks away, and I feel genuinely old at nearly 22. I still think I'm 19 I guess, and I'm in genuine denial that i'm over half way to 40.

First years are still generally behaving themselves, but they're quite rude in the bar, which is actually quite odd. I think, generally, the students realise that getting served is a privelidge and not a right. This year seems different. Someone has apparently been barred for a month already. That's really unusual. I do take great satisfaction in reminding them to say please though. It's not a massive request I'm sure.

Enough ranting, time to eat.



thinblueline said...

food is good stick with it !

Scout said...

Yeah I'm so over uni right now; so tired of being a poor pov student.
My last assignment for the year is going in on the 28th of October then I'm free as a bird - at least until next year if I get accepted to do my post grad stuff. I wont find that out til December anyway.
Alas I need a holiday.. I'm thinking New Zealand....