31 October 2005

Random things I don't want to hear

Me: david, where did you get that bra from??
David (student): it's frankies.
Me: and did you ask if you could borrow it, stuff it and wear it under your ghost outfit??
David: erm... (*starts edging down the corridor*)

The stupid boy couldn't realise that you had to wear the straps up on the bra, or it fell down taking everything with it. Aw bless. Then there was his mate, who didn't know how to put a bra on, but could take one off in under 5 seconds with his teeth. Yeah right mate.

It's hallowe'en, I shouldn't expect any less I guess...

It's going to be a long study night, and i'm on call again.....

At least I get two weeks off call nights now. (I really hope it's worth it!)


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I would be more worried about the used panties. eeew