14 October 2005

A tough decision...

...Mars, Snickers or Yorkie??? Answer at the end.

You see, I'm getting a little podgy around the middle again, and it's something I'm kind of keen to avoid. The excess weight won't help my creaking joints, and I can't afford any new clothes.

My physio has well and truly started now, and I'm a little dubious. By all accounts I have a lot wrong with me. For anyone who can translate for me, I have: posterior tilt, knock-knees, no spinal flexion especially in thoracic region, appalling core stability and muscle spasms in my back. This might as well be Chinese to me, in which case (according to Microsoft convertor,) it would be
后部掀动, 敲膝盖, 没有脊髓弯曲特别是在胸部区域, 骇人核心稳定和肌肉痉孪在我的后面里。I would love for anyone Chinese to tell me if this is correct!*

As you can probably tell, I'm greatly cynical of all this physio, and am a bit dubious about it. At the moment, all i'm getting is a great deal of pain post treatment. So much so, that I had to leave work early on Tuesday, as my back was hurting so much I couldn't pull pints. That is very unlike me. I may/do moan and whine a lot, but I never quit. Quitting will never get me anywhere, and if someone tells me I'll never be able to do something, I damn well set out to prove them wrong. That's why I'm learning to snowboard still (sore arse again).

Speaking of never quitting: I've sent my UCAS form off for med school application again, and this time i've made 3 applications to medicine and 3 to paramedic science/practice. (wonder if i'll pass the fitness test.....)

I think it may be time to cease with the procrastination and get back on with the essay.
Bye for now


* according to google translate, this apparently means 'Behind tilts, knocks the knee, does not have the spinal cord curving specially is in the chest region, startles the person core is stable and the muscle spasm in mine behind inside.' in Chinese.


Anonymous said...

Dam thing just lost my long comment.

I had similar symptoms to you, and still do to some extent. I found out through a Consultant Rheumatologist that I had flat feet. Several physios later and a few visits to magicians I was none the better. I was almost going to go under the knife to have a "lateral release" to release the supposid pressure on my knees, when I visited a lady at Roehampton university who did all sorts of tests on me and gave me scientific proof I had excessive pronation of my feet which was giving me foot, knee, hip and back pain. £200 on a pair of custom moulded Orthotics from a Podiatrist and I'm almost back to normal...

And the moral of the story was that after 4 Physios, none of them found my true problem, none of them reffered me to someone who might be able to help. They were just happy to take my money and give me a good massage. So, go and see someone who will "know" and stop throwing your money away!!

Merys said...

I hate to say this Lennie, but i was dragged to a podiatrist earlier this year, because my mum was sick of me whining. I have some magic soles, and they do no good whatsoever. She actually said that there was nothing wrong with my feet, but a little support would do me no harm.
Apart from the constant pain, I can mange (and i know that's a contradiction in terms!), but it just bothers me for my professional life.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... Maybe you have been given loads of dodgey advice. Sounds a familiar storey. Hope it all works out.

I'm not much older then you and also feel decrepid. We can feel like pensioners together ;)