23 December 2008

Love and hate

I have a love and hate relationship with my parents and their internet setup.

My Acer laptop is hellishly unreliable. It will not work with the battery even attached and crashes all the time. If I can find enough work this year I will be saving up for a netbook (or potentially finding a mobile broadband contract that suits me...)

Consequently when I am at home I borrow my parents larger Acer Aspire 7110. I was incredibly distraught to find this time that it seems to have acquired several Trojans including the Gadcom.exe, as well as 221 pieces of adware. Therefore, it would not go on the internet.

I've spent approximately 9 hours trying to clean the bloody thing, and have eventually managed it, but have been left with this. I cannot get it to update the automatic updates. I even went into the major control menu thing* to try and reset the automatic updates, but to no avail.

For now I am stuck. But on the 29th (if not before, pending war) I will be back at Uni.

* Girl speak.


Dash said...

You have my sympathies. I too am stuck at home for Christmas.

Yesterday a computer "virus" meant to had to come home instead of go climbing. The problem? Power cable fell out...

Good luck surviving!

Jo said...

If you are looking to replace your laptop, and only want it for internet / Office stuff (not for games), then my boss has just got one of these:

About £200, very small and light weight. Connects to an external harddrive if you want more space...

(very tempted to get myself one when I have a little more money!)

Harry said...

and people give me funny looks when i say i saved a load of money to get a mac, because it's worth the extra cash (even better now you can - if you WANT - run windows on one, and the price is always coming down because that's how electronics go) ... ive had it 2 and a half years, it runs fine, doesnt get viruses, and is highly portable. the only problems are it can get hot quite quickly (why did they use metal for the whole casing???) and the battery needed replacing earlier this year, but that was done under warranty which cost less than the battery itself. oh and you can get a student discount on software.

okay so it might be out of your budget NOW, but for the future it's worth thinking about! :D

Sideshowjim said...

Get Stopzilla (just google it), isn't free (and slows startup a bit) but cleans so much crud off your computer. Mine feels much more perky since I installed it.