31 December 2008

Christmas and New Year

Christmas and the promise of photographs sadly didn't really happen in Yorkshire this year.

I love my family to pieces but if my boyfriend had not have been with me this year, then the event would probably not have happened at all.

Tension was obvious throughout all of christmas with my parents, and hasn't really ceased yet.

Anyhow, that aside.

2008 has been a mixed bag of a year with family arguments, new relationships, new houses, new academic years, old housemates causing problems (I AM NEVER EVER BILL SHARING AGAIN UNLESS I CAN HELP IT)

Since September I have been a third year medical student, and would have loved it a whole lot more had I not become unwell at the beginning of October, something which has not really yet resolved. I've had to miss a lot of uni and paid work and my academic studies have suffered accordingly. Hopefully 2009 will bring an improvement.

But, for the time being, and before things go a tad mad, I am sitting on the private ward waiting to wish the patients a Happy New Year and head off on my break with a blanket and a pillow.

So I wish you all a safe and healthy night, and remember, hospital is not a place you want to be on New Year's Eve, or else you might end up coming across a grumpy Yorkshire auxiliary nurse with a stinking cold.

Look after yourselves and your loved ones, and think of me while I'm cleaning up diarrhoea, yet again...

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Dragonfly said...

Bill sharing can be a disaster. Theoretically with decent, sensible, law abiding adults it SHOULD not be a problem. Should not. Hmm.