24 December 2008

4 people, 3 rooms

Merys is in the dining room using a computer and doing university work that isn't due for months. She isn't doing this because of stunning academic efficiency, rather that it keeps her out of trouble.

Merys' mother is in the living room watching EastEnders.

Merys' father is watching something relating to logging trees in the kitchen in the cold with the dog for company. The dog is only there because he hopes Merys' father will give him a mince pie.

Merys' boyfriend has travelled up to stay with Merys and family for christmas, and is currently sitting in the living room with Merys' mother, and he is sat playing Age of Mythology - The Titans. I don't think Merys' mother knows he's doing this though.

Four grown adults sitting in three seperate rooms on Christmas Eve.

No amusing photographs from me today, just a realisation that spending this much time with my family isn't necessarily healthy for me.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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