10 June 2008

To state the bleeding obvious.

Medicine sucks. It's emotionally difficult rather than academically challenging.
I know of very few 'happy' medics here, but maybe that's just us.

Everyone has the look of impending doom on their face at the moment. Possibly due to rapidly approaching deadlines.

Oddly, all I can seem to do at the moment is sleep. Sleep far too much.

Yesterday I missed a full day because I actually couldn't get out of bed. Maybe stress is manifesting itself physically, but my back and legs just weren't playing.

Not happy shoulders and neck today, but at least I left the pit.

My white hairs have started appearing from under the hair dye, and all I want to do is sleep for a hundred years.

Medicine sucks.


mattwm said...

Hey Merys... Totally sympathise with you re: the financial crises you've mentioned recently - hopefully the BMA and other sources will come up good for you :-)
Not in medicine myself as you know, but I'm sure that a lot of the reasons there are so many medical-based blogs online nowadays is because the 'net an open place where people can talk about the crap part of their lives - well hey, we're all here to listen and support where we can; hold on in there if you're sure it's what you wanna do, and you'll get there.

More importantly, don't kick yourself for spending excess time in bed or "doing nothing" - we all need time to ourselves, to recuperate and recharge the batteries so-to-speak, sounds like you need to find some more "me" time and less "everyone else" time...

And keep smiling ;-)

The Shrink said...

Medical school is stressful.

Postgraduate training is a mix of stress and delight as competence and confidence and experiences (good and bad) vie for attention.

But in the end, it can all be pretty fine :)

Future Doc said...

Just try to think of the reasons you went into medicine. I'm sure everyone has moments like this.

I hope you can get through this and find the bits you enjoy.