17 June 2008

Rising cost of living

How is it that the government and general opinion knows that the cost of living has increased by 3%, yet the student loan company hasn't increased the loan accordingly??

Students all over the UK must be struggling, because I damn well know I am.

Again, the cost of being a medical student is higher than on my previous course due to fitness to practice issues.

If we don't look the part we can't go on the wards. That means a decent haircut, smart shoes and clothes and a decent general appearance. Now I know there are ways and means, but even Primark has put it's prices up lately.

It's becoming harder and harder to afford to be a student as a post grad.

I still haven't managed to pay those fees off from September (as the university keep adding interest to them) and I'm getting seriously worried that I'm gonna get kicked out before the start of the new year. Add to that the whole paying a deposit on a new house, moving all my stuff around and having to pay for a resit makes the prospect of still being here in September quite a scary one.


Never mind, I'm sure things will work themselves out.


Dragonfly said...

I feel your pain. Am counting down the days till I am sleep deprived and overworked and stressed as an intern, as opposed to sleep deprived and overworked and stressed and struggling to pay my rent.

Anonymous said...

How much clothes do you need to look smart??? Seriously, I have 2-3outfits that I wear on placements, a pair of shoes, neat clean hair tied at the back (the haircut at our student union costs around £5.50), clean nails and hands. What else do you need? Being myself a poor student, it has never been a problem to look smart and professional.

Merys said...

A couple of things: My student union doesnt have a hairdresser. The cheapest haircut I've found here is £26.
I also have short hair, so I have to have regular hair cuts to keep it looking tidy.
Unfortunately I live in a city far more expensive than the last one I was in, as this one doesn't seem to cater for students quite as well.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried your local college. Some have beauty schools and hairdressing - well worth a look.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean about the cost of food. Hell even rent is increasing as no one can afford to buy or sell at the moment.

I'm hoping the loans company increases the amount available in-line with rising costs of living. When the cost of feeding yourself rises past what you'd generously budgeted it does cause concern.