11 June 2008

How come...

All my friends say their hayfever is much better this year than any other, yet I can barely open my eyes today.

My nose is like a temperamental snot volcano which just won't stop exploding at the smallest opportunity!

I've taken antihistamines but to no avail. GRRR


Sweet Camden Lass said...

Me too. I was nearly blinded by streaming eyes on the bus yesterday.

So I took extra antihistamine before bedtime, which was a mistake when it came to getting up this morning.

Am going to go to GP for more nasal spray stuff (Beconase, forget the actual name of the drug).


David said...

I don't have hayfever, but this month so far I can't get contact lenses in and am producing excess nasal mucous.

Maybe some environmental toxin (of non-natural source). But then again my skin is a mess - I was blaming an exam diet for that, and I am covered in midgee bites!

On top of that I have pulled muscles in my left leg, blistered both heels with new shoes, done something very bad to my right knee and hurt my back.

Young, fit and healthy - I;m trying but failing at all 3 this week!

Future Doc said...

I was fine till Tuesday evening, my eyes swelled so much my parents swore I'd been in a fight. I've been drugged to the eyeballs ever since.

TonyF said...

I find Beconase is good, so long as I take a tablet in the evening as well. It does take a while to work at first though. Daft as it sounds, wearing glasses/sun glasses can keep out a large percentage of the irritant too. I also vary which anti histimine I use, as I seem to get 'immune' to them after a while and need a change.

Hope this is some help.

Jacquie said...

Just a little tip re the anti-depressant. I am on the dreaded Seroxat which is also an SSRI and w/d is no picnic! The prozac you take is similar and from the same group...SSRI's. Do you know that alcohol is off limits with any of the SSRI's (not a ticking off for you...just sound advice!). Your a/d and alcohol mix will make mental health issues one heck of a mess!

Try looking at this website...you'll see what I mean!

Hope the studies go better and you get some blinkin' rest & money too!


Anonymous said...

the nasal spray beconase has changed my life.

Jobbing Doctor said...

Hay fever is as bad this year as ever, I'm seeing loads of it in my practice.

Sage said...

I am trying Haymax a non-drug salve - beeswax and lavender oil - seems to be helping on the really bad days.

Anonymous said...

I don't really suffer from Hayfever but I've been sneezing like mad this summer - it's good fun to a certain degree as my sneezes are either stupidly quiet or deafening!