08 April 2008

Back to the monotony

Sadly, the high mood that I'd experienced for the last 2 weeks appears to have vanished as soon as Uni starts again.

Back with the apathy and low moods and swinging temperament.

On the plus side, I don't have long left on my current rotation and I can start afresh.

Also, I'm decidedly lighter now than when I returned from christmas holidays (17.5lbs lighter to be precise!) which always helps to make me feel better!


Anonymous said...

Well done! I started a couple of weeks after you with the 'get thinner' thing and you're leaping ahead now! I was quite chuffed with 11 pounds so far but you're giving me a target to chase!

Dragonfly said...

That is fantastic! Congratulations.

Calavera said...

Ok, how on earth did you manage to lose that much weight?

Stop being greedy and share your secrets!

Merys said...

slimmingworld all the way baby!