11 November 2007

two years, three months, twenty-five days.

Just after this blog started I began seeing a you. We met in an unconventional manner but it didn't matter because we hit it off straight away.

Things went well despite the distance, and I loved you more than I have ever loved anyone in my entire life.

So right this moment, I feel hurt, devastated and as if my world is about to end. I've cried so much I feel like throwing up at the moment. I'm not quite sure what will happen now. Things haven't been right between us since I moved down south for university.

I sat outside the student union crying after hanging up the telephone. I couldn't actually move for a while, and stood outside shivering with cold and tears. I'm not saying this to guilt trip you, in fact I'm guessing you've probably stopped reading the blog now.

I was upset by your text message. I didn't really understand it to be honest.

I couldn't even bring myself to drink, I couldn't face the inevitable hangover I would induce. I have enough of a headache from crying.

It's a good thing I'm not working at the hospital tomorrow. I'm not sure how I would have managed.

I still love you, no matter what. It's just a shame you don't feel the same way.


Elaine said...


Anonymous said...

If it helps, go see, student support, they don't have the answers but they will listen

MB said...

Oh hun ((((((hugs))))))

Sweet Camden Lass said...


*sends virtual cup of tea*


Anonymous said...


If you want someone to talk to but don't wanna speak face to face drop me an email yeah?

Tom Reynolds said...

Also a {{{Hug}}}

Sage said...

{{hugs}} it's hard not knowing the answers to your questions, what went wrong? etc... don't knock yourself, give yourself time to grieve over the loss of this relationship.

In the meantime have another {{hug}}


Lou said...


Life sucks... :(

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell Merys, for goodness sake don't go on a bike ride until your luck improves!


ecparamedic said...

ooops, that was me... in disguise.


Lala said...

V sorry, there is nothing worse. xx

Vicola said...

Oh Merys, that's awful. I've been there and I know it really really hurts. I know it sounds trite but time really does heal and although at the moment you feel like you'll never stop being hurt it will get less. Keep you chin up, keep smiling and I hope you feel better soon.

Lola Cherry Cola said...

Heya, you know I was in the same place a month or two ago, so remember if you want to talk I'll be there to listen *hugs*

Jo said...


Sending you over lots of hugs, a huge bar of chocolate and a big cup of tea