21 November 2007

Medical school eccentricities

A few things have come to mind lately that are odd about medical school compared with other university courses.

Do you mind if I ramble for a bit? Good, thought not.


Our PBL tutor was enquiring this week about what we thought of the assessment scheme at uni, with particular reference to OSCEs.
I had a slightly embarrassing issue last year with the final OSCE of the year. A GP from my practice (the student one) had been assessing me on a particular station. My PBL tutor came to speak to me during the coffee break and said that she was certain that the examiner hadn't recognised my face. Given that I'd been to see her for 'girls problems' 2 days previously, it wasn't my face I was worried about her remembering....

I find it really unsettling that a GP you can consult about the most intimate of things can then be marking your clinical performance. It's just wrong.


I'm now a fully registered student for this coming academic year, thanks in total to all of you lovely readers. Therefore, when my student loan did come through last week it's gone straight in my ISA until the university demands my fees.

My uni is odd. You try and offer them money but they won't take it until they invoice it. Therefore, the entire amount paid to date has gone into my telephone ISA. The theory is that I will probably forget it's there, until I need to pay the uni at last....


Yesterday I went for a parentally funded hairstyle change. The big thing about medicine that many students (who aren't on the course) forget, is that we get assessed on our external appearance, therefore it's advisable not to look like you've been dragged through a hedge backwards. For all I have some piercings, they're very well covered when I'm around patients.
Therefore, one of the big problems medical students here seem to have is finding suitable clothing for placement. In my case, it often involves Primark.


I've been cycling around and about for over a year now, and haven't fallen off recently - huzzah!
But at some point, I must tell you about the most painful accident I've had in the last 12 months....


Anonymous said...

I love Primark! I live close to Birmingham so pop in great value, only one prob the Qs!! up to 45 mintes I have waited but worth it!
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that things are looking up!

I love Primark, you can get a HUGE basket of stuff for £50. Bargain.

Dr Michael Anderson said...

I'm lounging aroynd my apartment in a Primark T-shirt right now. Primark is great (just try not to think about those Philipino children workin for 9p/hr)

- Michael

Lola Cherry Cola said...

Glad things are looking up for you. You deserve a good time after all thats gone on. Congrats on not falling off the bike too!

The Little Medic said...

Not been here in a while, it has all changed, I like it.

Glad to see that things seem to have picked up a bit from a somewhat traumatic time.

Good luck