12 November 2007

Mum speak

I was just wondering if anyone can translate from mum-text speak into english.
I’m sat quietly in the library listening to Radio 1 while slyly texting my mum. She has this really annoying habit of abbreviating into text speak when there’s really no need. She rarely sends a message long enough to warrant abbreviation, and as a result I get really frustrated when I receive a message like this:

“ U wernt sn t ty wer u wnt r u doing t oni te”

Any ideas?


Sweet Camden Lass said...

You weren't snotty/snitty were you? what are you doing tonight?


Mine can't text at all.


Jo said...

You weren't seen to ...
Where are you? What are you doing tonight? (thank you Camden Lass for the clue about "t oni te" because I did not initially read that as "tonite"!

Anonymous said...

My mums does that too and I have to read really carefully to try and translate. Impossible. You would think the older generation would know better!

Anonymous said...

You see my Dad has quite large thumbs (well they are manly lol) then he has this stupid little phone and so he hits the wrong buttons, sends the message when he hasnt finished or sends blank messages.

My mum on the other hand, had got how to use predictive messaging and was doing really well. She now has a new phone which I have set up so she can still send texts in t9 but then she has gone to typing really slowly.

Vicola said...

I reckon it's:
"You weren't snotty where you went. Are you doing it tonight?"

although since that makes absolutely no sense I may be wrong.

caramaena said...

My mum sends stuff like that but it's *because* of the predictive text. She can't figure out how to turn it off or use it, so I have had many texts that I have to call to have translated.

Or maybe she does that on purpose to get me to call...

Anonymous said...

you weren't snotty were you? what are you doing tonight.

the previous txt from you probably would make it a bit clearer!