10 October 2007


I'm going on a brief sabbatical. I may be some time, I may be 2 days. I have no idea.
Things are proving just a little bit too stressful for me at the moment, and I'm finding it easier to bury my head in the sand and ignore them for a while.

Mind you, I guess working 2 jobs (one of them full time) while trying to be a full time medical student and doing a large amount of volunteer work will do that to you.

Also, I guess the impending doom of turning 24 might not be helping. Here's hoping October is a slow month....


Elaine said...

Hey, Merys, you are doing a brilliant job of trying to support yourself through med. school, and nursing in some form will really help to see the patient's perspective and the nurses' perspective when you eventually qualify.

You are doing great, girl. Don't forget that - I think you are being too hard on yourself.

Lala said...

Keep the spirits up ;)

The Shrink said...

Best of luck, keep things in perspective and don't let The System drag you under :-)

Ruth said...

Hope the break does you some good.
Keep smiling.

MB said...

Sounds like you need time off hun, time to chill. All this hard work and determination will pay off for you eventually Merys.

Take care