28 October 2007

The long weekend.

Friday: 08.00 - 18.00 University. Day of lectures, seminars, special teaching sessions and meeting my mentor.

Friday 19.00 - Saturday 07.30 Hospital. Work a night shift on a medical ward. 1.5 hour sleep break but very little sleeping actually done. More ceiling staring to be honest.

Saturday 07.30 - 09.00. Shower, internet and attempt to sleep.

09.57 text message from a friend from a Uni society. Have I arranged something for today's event? Text back saying yes. Silently cursing.

10.07 phone call from another society member asking similar questions. Explain that I need sleep before [big society event] but still kept on phone for too long.

10.15 go back to sleep.

10.50 woken up by doorbell and housemates. Supermarket home delivery has arrived. Was planning on it arriving after 11 (as requested). Damn them for being prompt. Thank them for giving me a free energy saving lightbulb. Convient since our hall bulb had gone. Unpack shopping and abandon bed.

11.40 take phone call from yet another society member asking something. Answer affirmatively and agree that I will 'be there shortly after 12'.

12.20 arrive at society event. Set everything up and greet members.

13.00 - 16.00 hold huge event which goes well. Feeling annoyingly hyperactive.

16.15 cycle home in order to change clothes for bar shift. Change outfit 4 times before getting confirmation from my housemate.

17.05 arrive at work (late).

17.06 - 23.30 serve beer. Serve ++++ beer.

23.30 go to student union with friends. Alleged social night for society.

00.30 Give in and go home. Too tired after approx 42 hours without proper sleep.

somewhere in the middle forget to turn mobile phone clock back and alarm goes off an hour early. Hence not waking properly.

08.00 Sunday get up, put washing out and go on a society training day.

15.45 arrive home, cook.

19.30 go to student union to work.

22.30 come home, work quiet.

00.08 contemplate bed.


Elaine said...

This doesn't spund like burning the candle at both ends, but more like burning it at 6 ends! Take care.

jeremyf said...

I had more energy at 24 but not that much ;-( . Hope that you can concentrate on what's most important and still find time to relax. Do you really need 2 jobs??? Take care lady.

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Oh my goodness, someone has too much on her plate! Don't burn yourself out!

Anonymous said...

well, i hope you enjoyed the extra hour lay in on sunday. hehehe.