09 September 2006

Worth the weight

Following my prior rant about weight and the clothes industry, I am proud to announce that I am now a size 12/14 and have lost a stone in weight (approx 6.3 KG I believe). This may still sound like I’m on the large size, but I’m quite toned and hide it well. Being a sensible 5ft7in also helps to hide the extra pounds.

Sadly, I may have gained just a little too much confidence and have taken to wiggling my arse at people a little too much. *sigh* It’s a hard life.

Never mind, fresher’s week soon, I can drink it all back on again!


Emster said...

Well done you!

Although I think I may have put on what you lost...

Mat said...

i've gained 3.

I hate you.


Rach said...

If you'd like to have some pity on a poor soul like me, I've got 12 stones (yes, stones!!) to lose to get to a BMI of 25. Eek!!!

Love your blog Merys, keep going :D