20 September 2006

Peasholme Park

Peasholme Park
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This is Scarborough. Deceiving isn't it?
Less than 2 weeks ago I was living at home with my parents and travelling around Yorkshire to get a few days rest from work. Scarborough was my choice as it reminds me of my childhood.
Peasholme Park has a beautiful boating lake and boats for hire, and I can remember canoeing around the lake at what seemed like incredibly high speed and overtaking the pedal boats.

My father wasn't exceptionally happy when I said I wanted to relive my childhood, and dragged him into a Canadian canoe. Exhausted, but happy we had overtaken lots of small children in pedaloes, showing that there's a lot to be said for having strong shoulders!

My reason for this post? I appear to have entered a new phase in my life.

It's being drilled into me that I am a 'health care professional' now, and that never again will I look at people in the same way. Now there's a thoroughly scary thought!

The course still appears to be good, but I can't help but wonder if I made the wrong decision. Every time I see an ambulance pass, I feel an odd pang inside. It's like having this little voice saying 'look what you could have been doing!'

But, one thing is for certain - I won't quit. Nothing annoyed me more as an undergrad than a medical student who'd quit. Selfish potentially - I could be taking a place from someone else. But in the same thread, I think my problem is I want to do both, which obviously isn't possible.

I shall have to keep reappraising!


Ellis James said...

From one new health care professional to another.
You've made the right decision. In 20 years time when I'm going on long term sick with a bad back you will probably be sitting in a lovely GP surgery.
And you never know, in a few years when you've got no debt you could always take a (big)pay cut and come and join us.

Carmelo said...

What Ellis said, but there's no reason once the whole medical school thing is done you couldn't get into the BASICs scheme or something similar. Don't give up on your pre-hospital aspirations just yet. In stark contrast everytime I see an ambulance go past I think to myself how lucky I am that I'll be driving one in 6 months time..

Anonymous said...

Good on you Merys. Keep on blogging at med school!!

Calamity Jane said...

Ahh that reminded me of many happy childhood holidays - do they still have the flea circus? We used to stay in a little B&B called Continetal Lodge where we were introduced to a new thing called a "duvet" ... well it was a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

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