01 September 2006

Chav bashing - a national sport

Have I ever mentioned just how much I hate chavs? I’m becoming terribly snobby about it all, generally fed up of being tailgated by a pimped up Saxo full of baseball cap wearing obnoxious males with blue tinted headlights and enough bass to cause an exhaust pipe to fall off.

While trying on a LBD* in Topshop this week I actually heard the teenage child in the cubicle next door work the words ‘am I bovvered?’ into a serious conversation. The sound of my coughing with laughter could be heard throughout the store and they must have spotted me due to my bright red face, choked by laughter and my streaming eyes.

To be brutally honest, it bemuses me. As someone who doesn’t completely follow fashion (I tend to do my own thing…) I probably can’t comment on chav fashion, but as we have a ‘no hoodies’ rule in work, you’d think they’d have got the picture now. I’ve even started getting giggling messages through my headset informing me that my favourite abusive customers are in again. The regular staff all hate them too, but just prefer watching teeny me kick ass!


Rob said...

LBD*? Whats one of them?

Chavs (or neds as they are known here) should be destroyed. Why to the guys think drinking blue WKD makes them look great? Idiots.

Kit said...

LBD as far as I know is a Little Black Dress - essential wardrobe material.

First time I've ever left a comment I only discovered your blog a couple of days ago Merys but I love it and I definately agree about about the chavs unfortunately most of them seem to live on my street...

Carmelo Alongi said...

Chav's are fantastic. They're like cultural sponges, they absorb mainstream media and repeat it constantly. This then allows the powers that be to accurately judge whats "hot" and what's "not". Also despite the fact that most fit a commonly held stereotype, they seem fine with it. It seems "we", or the "ones with no names" take great joy in labelling others in an effort to seperate ourselves from the mainstream. Hidden within this Chav culture are the young talent, I've seen it. So many have great talents, but feel smothered by labels put on them. The "self-fullfilling prophecy" comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a chav and i think WKD is nice :)

But i agree, they're all cunts, their dress sense is terrible, their cars are worse, and their so weak and pathetic they rely on drugs to survive life, and drink to get laid.

Bunch of cunts, they should all be lined up and shot.

Anonymous said...

yehh i agree if you look even slightly unique and different they start on you last night i was assaulted walking home by a group of 5 chavs one threw a bottle at my head and missed because he was so drunk then one punched me in the face out of the blue knocking me out where they kicked my body in for 30 seconds before i regained consciousness and ran like fuck!

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Anonymous said...

As we say in Sweden: Yiu gave obviously been badly rocked in your cradles.

Or you are sexually frustrated or... soemthing must be wrong.

Are you aware what The so called iron lady did?

Why dont you use some emphathy if you know trhe meaning of the word.

I wish you downright evil creatures would trade place with them for a while.

And if you call them inbred well, just look at your "royals", your disgusting "aristocracy".

You disgust me, you disgust most people in fact, or many. Dóes that feel good? You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

Anonymous said...

I have calmed down now so read this instead.

Are you aware what The so called iron lady did?

Have you never reflected on how YOUR lives would have been if you had grown upp in a ghetto?

Please answer me that. But I doubt you will, because you have no empathy.

To try to feel what someone else feel.

And if you call them inbred well, just look at your "royals", your disgusting "aristocracy".

Remember that the poor and working class are in majority, at least compared to you chav haters.

You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. I feel sorry for your parents, but they were probably the ones who taught you to hate. .

You are lacking in moral. How do you have the nerve to pick on people that are so much less privileged than you???

Watch Fish tank. Watch London to Brighton. But you probably think that the poor child girl runaway deserved to be cut by a perverted rich "man"?

I don't hate the upper class. They are individuals like us all. But I dislike people like you.

I wish you one day will understand, because it must hurt to feel so much hate.

But the only way for you to do this is probably if you had grown up in a ghetto.

The opinion of you here in my country is very low.